Saturday, August 28, 2010

Random Newsletter

Hello bloggers. It is I! the awesome Master of bloging! I know I'm really messed up. But anyways, I'm just gonna give you some news about the blog from now and on.

  1. I will be donig this blog every Saturday or Friday.
  2. I will be doing the thing listed on # 1 until the end of the summer
  3. I have no more to tell you (lol)
Oh and I forgot

4. I will be giving you these newsletters every month.

Ok til next time!
     - BRP

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lego (finaly)

Ahh now to get to what I absolutely LOVE. Lego! My favorite Lego products is Bionicle witch was sadly discontinued. :'( I hate that. My latest custom bionicle is Raigh. A matoran of sand that represents me. I dont have any good photos of him yet but when I get one I'll post it on my next blog. I just got the 2002 tahu nuva (the guy that was the fire toa in the first movie) <-- for people that dont know much about bionicle but watched the movies. I tried to make a spoof of the bionicle stars Taka Nuva but I couldn't find a way to get armour on him. The two things I hate about Lego is:

  • They discontinued Bionice
  • They just replaced it with Hero Factory
  • The Lego Ben 10 stuff sucks.
So thats it for now. Til' Then

                 - BRP

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cute Mario Bros

Hello people again. As you may know I haven't been working on my blog lately. Well school started where I live and I've been busy on other things as well.

So anyways, now that I'm back, I thought I might talk about one of my favorite YouTube Videos - Cute Mario Bros! (follow the link here ). So you should follow that link, its VERY funny. The first one "Find Yoshi" doesn't realy make sense. Bye!


Monday, August 9, 2010

First day of school.

OK, first of all lemme get this straight. I would've disblog about Lego. But because About Salespeople wanted me to do this about the first day of school today, might as well do both.

I did some work, a few math, not alot of Language arts. first day so no science/social study.  So yeah, oh forgot about homework.

OK so i don't know how to explain this....... hm........................ oh um for lack to school nightrents to go to back to school night. gather some supplies for second day. Read for @bout 20 minutes. (sorry 'bout the @ in about) For math ( OMG SORRY BOUT THE HUGE MISTAKE after the "oh um'' I accidentally put a copy of ack to school night in front of (and on top of) "for language arts told parents" VERY SORRY ONLY MY SECOND BLOG)  I had to go online and check out my math textbook.

That's it for the school day. sorry for all of the mistakes so far. And thank you About Salespeople for bringing up this subject. Looks like I don't have enough time for the LEGO subject. Ill post another blog tomorrow.  Hear from ya' 'til then! Please comment and suscribe.

    - BRP

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hello bloggers around the world.  This is a new blog.  I'll be talking about:
  • Video Games
  • Lego
  • Nerf
  • Internet
  • Family and Friends
Hope you enjoy this.  Please subscribe and comment on my blogs.