Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lego (finaly)

Ahh now to get to what I absolutely LOVE. Lego! My favorite Lego products is Bionicle witch was sadly discontinued. :'( I hate that. My latest custom bionicle is Raigh. A matoran of sand that represents me. I dont have any good photos of him yet but when I get one I'll post it on my next blog. I just got the 2002 tahu nuva (the guy that was the fire toa in the first movie) <-- for people that dont know much about bionicle but watched the movies. I tried to make a spoof of the bionicle stars Taka Nuva but I couldn't find a way to get armour on him. The two things I hate about Lego is:

  • They discontinued Bionice
  • They just replaced it with Hero Factory
  • The Lego Ben 10 stuff sucks.
So thats it for now. Til' Then

                 - BRP

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