Saturday, February 12, 2011


     Hello all you peoples!!!! I HAVE NOT BEEN ACTIVE FOR SO LONG I KNOW IT!! I am finally doing a post that is not related to Club Penguin or my army KBA. I'm doing this to announce that the KBA Klondike Bar Army of CP is now being shut down.

     But anyways, I got a new video game console and a new game. The SNES and Super Mario All-Stars. I know that a lot of you guys know about this game, probably from their childhoods. But I just now bought it off Ebay. But get this, I had an NES, but never an SNES. So to keep it more new style, I bought a copy of the SNES. It may be a little crappy, but I'll accept some glitches. If you want it now, here's the link to the Ebay page. It does work pretty well, but it looks all weird for two games that I put in the 8-bit game slot (yes, the console can play 8-bit and 16-bit games) and those certain games are Super Mario Bros. 2 and Pac-Man. One game is too old for it to play, and it is Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, the game that comes with the NES once you buy it. is the newest version of the console (console is called FC Twin).

     Well, looks like that's all I need to say for this post, the first post I've ever written in such a long time. I'll be posting these every Saturday. BYE BYE NOW!!!!


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