Saturday, September 18, 2010

KBA BootCamp

Joining Questions 

Welcome new recruits! I assume you have joined KBA? Join this, and you'll get higher ranks much faster than normal! Join KBA Boot Camp by answering the following:

1) What is your Club Penguin user name?

2) Have you joined KBA yet? If so, what is your rank?

3) Will you stay active on KBA Boot camp, and do as many tests and practice battles as possible?

4) What is you e-mail address? This is required so the KBA can e-mail you tests, or any other documents.

  Answer those questions in a comment and we'll see if we can make you a cadet!


  Now that you have joined, I have teams for practice battles, and for organisation.

Team Red:

Team Blue:

Team Green:

Team Brown:

Team Purple:

Good Luck!

        -Lego Indy 55 (KBA Leader)

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