Friday, September 24, 2010

Lego Indy 55's History

         The following is the history of Lego Indy 55. Please enjoy the article.

           The history of Lego Indy 55

    I am Lego Indy 55, creator of the KBA. I first signed up for CP when I was about six. A friend told me about it and I thought of it being interesting. I signed up and thought of the name: Lego Indy 55, because the LEGO Indiana Jones just came out at the time. After my account was created, my little brother decided to join CP too. His name turned out to be Indy Jones41, because of the new LEGO Indiana Jones sets as well.

   After this, we played on it for a little while. My mom (I know right) then decided she wanted to do it at the age of 32 or 33. Her name was Itsme1972. After her account was created, all of us weren't active for a long time. We completely forgot about it until two years later.

   Two years later, when I was 8, I went on the computer, and saw a strange site added to my favorites. I clicked it and remembered what it was right then.

   Club Penguin! I told my brother right away. He was surprised too. We logged on, and was so happy to be on CP again. That was when I met a new friend on CP, but I can't remember his Penguin Name. He said that he was in a special force called ACP, but I didn't know what it was at the time. Now, I think that he doesn't know what ACP is either, because the uniform was way off. It was all tan and grey (desert camo). Then he asked me to patrol the server. I did, but once I got to the dojo I saw some real ACPs, with the green and red uniform. I asked what army they were and they said, ACP. I was thinking what? I thought the grey and tan uniform was the real one, but no. Unfortunately, when I returned, my friend said "wrong uniform".  I later did change the uniform, but was untrustworthy of my friend. I thought the other ACP uniform was a reasonable one and thought it was the real one.

   Soon, I returned to the dojo and and got the real uniform on, and deleted him from my friends list. this is how I discovered ACP.

   The next two years later, in 2010 (Not recently), there was an ACP battle. I was in it, but still not knowing that there was a site, and not having a rank. When the battle ended, against TG and Nachos, we all spread out to recruit. In the town, some soldiers said, "JOIN US BY LOOKING US UP." I never thought of it at the time, so I decided to try. I searched and clicked on the first link. This was how I discovered the ACP website.

   I officially joined about a month later, getting the rank of corporal. Just a few weeks ago I joined the ACPTR. I'm still not a cadet, but at least I got the rank.

  Right after joining the ACPTR, I decided to make my own army! I decided to call it KBA, Klondike Bar Army, because of the battle won on the server, Klondike.

  This is where we are today.

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